Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To Dubuque

First and foremost, tonight we had a great concert at Church of the Nativity in Debuque. Gorgeous facility and fabulous acoustics.
Our adventure getting there, however, is another story all together.
We'd visited the Historic Lincoln Home and Old State Capital , had a great lunch and were rolling our way down the road. Awesome Dave and Bonnie and Sara and I were playing trivia when an alarm went off on the bus dashboard. Luckily, we were near an off ramp at Woodhull, Iowa. So, we limped into the truck stop and Dave, Bill and Monica proceeded to open up the guts of the coach and give it a physical. The initial diagnosis was three loose belts. Further examination revealed a wobbly pulley.
The funniest part was all of a sudden half of Woodhull turned out to help. So, Progressive Travel arranged a substitute bus to get us to Dubuque and Awesome Dave stayed behind with every mechanic in Wodhull, and we loaded EVERYTHING onto a First Student school bus from Galesburg with our new best friend Gary.
Poor Dave is stuck in Woodhull on the couch of one of the mechanical volunteers (need I say there are no Comfort Suites in Woodhull? Or any other accomodation for that matter?) He'll be there until Monday.
Meanwhile, Progressive sent us another coach and a new driver, Pat, who will get us all to our homecoming concert in Eden Prairie tomorrow.
We sure will miss Dave...he's been one of the highlights of the trip!

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